Australian International Beer Award 2019

Hello everyone,

I am in Melbourne from May 7th to participate in AIBA as a judge. Since I have been invited as a judge for four consecutive years, I am probably the most involved Japanese judge.
AIBA has not so long history, but it is one of the four major competitions in the Beer International competition, and more than 2,800 beer entries have been made this year.

Yesterday was the final day of the judgment.
This time again I judged a lot of beer and learned some things in the discussion during the judgement. But more than that, it was more useful to have many conversations with many judges. Mr. Junghoon yoon from Korea is one of my best friends abroad and I am very happy to see him again. He is the COO of Platinum Craft Brewing Co., Ltd., Korea’s largest craft beer company, and is a really good person. When I built a new brewery last year, he kindly taught me a lot. Just two years ago they also built a new brewery and their brewing equipment was the same size and size of the company I was thinking of. This time I had exchanged a lot of information with him.
Today, I will be participating in the event held at Colonial Brewing with him and two Japanese judges, Mr. Kojima and Mr. Kaji.

I will stay in Melbourne for two more days and then go to Moa Brewery in New Zealand. We wanna talk about collaboration with them.
see you.


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